Research Activities

Number of Ph.D’s awarded : 30

Number of Ph.D Research Students Under Guidance : 01

Number of Ph.D Research Students Under Informal Guidance : 137

  1. Reshma Gowda : Security in Wireless Sensor Networks – 2021
  2. Roopa M S : Discovery of Trustworthy Relationships and Management in Social Internet of Things – 2021.
  3. Santosh Pattar : Sensors Search Techniques and Resources Discovery Mechanisms for Internet of Things – 2021.
  4. Ramya R S: Efficient Techniques to Retrieve Textual Relevance in Text Mining – 2021
  5. Geetha C Mara: Data Auditing and Security in Cloud – 2021.
  6. Venkatesh : Enhanced QOS Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks – 2018.
  7. Gomathy Prathima : Secure Data Aggregation Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks – 2018.
  8. Raghavendra S : Secure Data Storage and Retrival Techniques for Cloud Computing – 2018.
  9. Desai Sejal Jayantilal : Web Recommendations Systems – 2017.
  10. M Kumaraswamy : Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks – 2016.
  11. Arunalatha J S : Design and Performance Analysis of Efficient Biometric Algorithms – 2015.
  12. Thippeswamy B M : QOS through optimized routing algorithms in WSN – 2015.
  13. Vishwanatha Hulipalled : Algorithms for Mining Time Series Data – 2015.
  14. Vidya A : Biological Data Mining – 2015.
  15. Latha B T : Secure Routing and Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks – 2015.
  16. T Shiva Prakash : Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks – 2014.
  17. Srikantaiah K C : Algorithms for Mining Web Log and Semistructured Data – 2014.
  18. H Shivashankari : Optimized Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks – 2014.
  19. Shaila K : Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks – 2012.
  20. Suraiya Taranum : Design of Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks – 2011.
  21. Thriveni J : Performance of Routing Protocols for Enhanced QOS in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks – 2010.
  22. Manjula S H : Efficient Algorithms for Maximizing Network Life Time in Wireless Sensor Networks – 2010.
  23. Vibha Lakshmikantha : Design and Performance of Algorithms for Multimedia Data Mining – 2009.
  24. K Suresh Babu : Robust and Secure Algorithms in Steganography and Steganalysis – 2008.
  25. D N Sujatha : Design, Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the Video-on-Demand Systems – 2008.
  26. K B Raja : Performance Analysis of Image Processing Techniques for Steganography and Steganalysis – 2007.
  27. K G Srinivasa : Optimized Soft Computing Algorithms for Data Mining Applications, 2007.
  28. P Deepa Shenoy : Design and Performance Evaluation of Efficient Data Mining Algorithms – 2005.
  29. K Sridhar : Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development Programmes – A Case Study of Kolar District – 2005.
  30. Mangala N : Security in  Cloud Computing – 2022.
  31. Guided more than One Thousand U.G. and P.G. student projects of Computer Science Engineering and Computer Applications.
  32. Hewlett Packet (HP) Chair, to guide Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students Projects of the Department of Computer Science Engineering, UVCE, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2006.
  33. Infosys Coordinator, to guide Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students Projects of the Department of Computer Science Engineering, UVCE, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2006.

Informal Guidance to Research Scholars: One Hundred and Thirty One (131)

  1. Aarthi Chabuksawar : Fake News Detection on Social Media Using Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms 
  2. Akhilaa : Change Point Detection Approaches for IoT Based Time-Series Data
  3. Akshatha P S : Security and Reliability Enhancement Techniques for MQTT Protocol
  4. Anand R Umarji : Efficient Task Offloading and Trajectory Control Stratagies for IoT Enabled UAV
  5. Anil D : Geospatial Data Analysis for Landslide Mapping and Susceptibility Assessment
  6. Anitha P : Efficient Congestion-Aware Data Transmission Techniques for IoT Network
  7. Arpitha T : Anonymous Communication Approaches for Social IoT
  8. Ashwini H K : Lexicon based Machine Learning approach for Sentiment Analysis
  9. B Ganga : Crowd Behaviour Analysis using Deep learning
  10. Chandan M C : Waste Analytics – Data Driven Approach for Effective Management of Solid Waste Collection
  11. Chethan M : Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children using Machine Learning
  12. Deepika M S : Efficient Urban Traffic Management System using Deep Learning Models
  13. Divya S : Security and Trust for Social Internet of Things
  14. Gayathri Hegde M : Analysis of Medical Data in Nephrology using Deep Learning Models
  15. Hemanth Chandra N : Smart Precision Farming(SPF) Solution for modern challenges in Agriculture using Internet of Things.
  16. Hemanth Kumar H S : Dementia Prediction Using Deep Learning Techniques
  17. Irshad Khan : V2X communication in 5G Networks
  18. Kavya shree C : Oral Cancer Detection using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
  19. Komala K V : Smart and Efficient Silk Worm Disease and Mulberry Leaf Disease Detection Using Deep Learning
  20. Lavanya Belur Nagaraj : Detecting Text Recommendation Factors from Different Social Media
  21. Madhusudhan Reddy G R : Anamoly based Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning
  22. Mahesh kumar Thota : Design and Optimization of Task Offloading for Smart Cities using IoT with Fog Computing
  23. Manjula A K : An Effective Career Recommendation System for Students Using Hybrid-based Approach
  24. Manjula H S: Designing Intrusion detection schemes for secure IoT services.
  25. Manjula M: A Systematic Approach for Cyber Security Threats Analysis and Thwarting Security Threats Using Machine and Deep Learning Techniques
  26. Manjunath Singh H : Cloud Server Data Optimization for IoT Applications by Recurrence and Redundancy reduction
  27. Mariam M Kassim : Techniques to Diagnose and Prognosis of Depression and Solution using Deep Learning Algorithms 
  28. Meghana D K : Sentiment Analysis in Low Resource Indian Languages
  29. Nagaraju Y : Deep Learning Models for Object Detection and Segmentation
  30. Nagarjun E : Optimizing Resource Allocation and Provisioning Parameters in Fog based IoT
  31. Naveen kumar L: Cyber Security Using Blockchain Technology
  32. Neetha P U : Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease using Deep Learning Techniques
  33. Nithish Ranjan Gowda : Optimized Data Privacy Preservation Techniques
  34. Nithya Niranjana Murthy C : Data Communication and Privacy Preservation using Federated Learning
  35. Poornima M R : Energy Efficient Routing Techniques for IOT applications
  36. Prasanth G Rao : Frameworks to Detect and Mitigate Data Bias using Machine Learning Algorithms
  37. Praveen Kumar K: Automation of Agricultural Water Resources through Soft Computing Models
  38. Pruthvi C N : Optimal Content Caching for ICN Based IoT network
  39. Puneetha R : Securing Internet of Things with Block Chain: Protocol for Secure Communication with the enabling technologies like Block Chain
  40. Punith Kumar : An integrated approach for reviving agricultural production using efficient IoT system
  41. R Swathika : Enhanced adaptive data rate and resource optimization techniques for LoRaWAN based IoT
  42. Rahul : An Efficient Techniques for Security, Trust and Privacy in Social Internet of Things (SIoT)
  43. Raja A : Real Time Remote Patient Health Monitoring System Using Edge Computing
  44. Rajashekhar A : Optimal Bandwidth Allocation for IoT Enabled UAV
  45. Ramanna : Sentiment Analysis in Low Resource Japanese Languages Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms
  46. Ramya M C :  Smart Data Migration in Virtual Environment and Cloud Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  47. Sangana Basava : Enhancing Cyber Security by Integrating Social and Context Techniques
  48. Sangeetha U: Design of Human emotion recognition using machine learning algorithms\
  49. Santhiya Muruganathan : An efficient IOT based smart agriculture system for pest detection
  50. Santhosh Kumari : Improved Trust Management Mechanisms for Social IoT
  51. Saravana M K : Design and Performance Analysis of Deep Learning model for forecasting Multivariate Time Series Data
  52. Savitha Nadig Jayadevappa : Anomaly Detection and Culprit Identification Using Deep Learning
  53. Savithri Kulkarni : Identifying and Resolve the effects of Critical Problems and Factors in Agriculture using Deep Learning Algorithms
  54. Shabnam ara S J : Learning Analytics to improve Student’s Performance in e-learning Platforms
  55. Sharmila kumari N : Machine Learning based Security Solutions for IoT Applications
  56. Sheela S : Optimized Application Placement and Task Scheduling Techniques in Fog Computing
  57. Shilpa K M : Cyber Threat Detection using Image Processing
  58. Shrinath K S : Predicting Mental Illness using Machine Learning
  59. Srushti C S : A Novel Approach for Prediction of Protein Structure based on Deep Learning
  60. Shruthi Vijaykumar Hegdekar : Design and Implementation of Deep Learning based AI techniques for Healthcare
  61. Shubha T V : Prescriptive Analytics for Dynamic IoT Data Stream
  62. Smitha N : Predictive Analysis of Different Stages of Sepsis.
  63. Sneha Chinivar : Identification of Toxic Behaviour in Online Social Networks
  64. Srikanth Sosale Padmanabha : IoT Enabled Intelligent Irrigation Systems using Resnet based Convolution Neural Networks
  65. Suman : Augmented Reality For Education System
  66. Supreetha S : An Efficient Deep Learning Technique For Plant Disease Detection
  67. Suresh Kumar H S: COVID-19 Severity Prediction on Comorbidities Patients using Machine Learning Techniques
  68. Swetha R : Enhanced Cloud System Performance Using Automatic Redistribution Of Containers
  69. Swetha S : An Effective Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques
  70. Tejashwini P S : Fault Tolerant Fog Computing for IoT Based Application
  71. Uma K M : Implementing Nanopore Technology to Investigate the Biomacromolecules.
  72. Ummadisetty Narasimhulu : Automated Melonama Detection Using optimized Deep learning Models
  73. Veena K : Smart Agriculture Monitoring using Machine Learning Algorithms
  74. Vikram Sindhu S : Improved Datagram Transport Layer Security Mechanisms for CoAP and MQTT-SN protocols
  75. Vinay Kumar Y B : Efficient Techniques to Detect Skin Cancer using Machine Learning Algorithms
  76. Yamuna R : Collaboration of Smart Drones Using Swarm Intelligence
  77. Shylesh Chandra Gudihatti K N : Routing Protocol for Internet of Things (IOT)
  78. Mamatha M : Analysis of Opinions on Text through Sentiment Analysis
  79. Padmashree : Efficient Algorithms for Secure Data Communication in IoT.
  80. Subhash Kamble : Efficient Feature Selection Techniqes for Big Data Analytics
  81. Bhavani H R : Bio-Inspired Algorithms for Efficient Image Segmentation
  82. Sampath Kumar Y R : Sensing as a Service for Support in Cloud and IoT.
  83. Sijin P : Internet based Diversification for Fuzzy Keyword Search over XML Data
  84. Shreyas J: Application of Computational Intelligence Techniques for Internet of Things.
  85. Sanjay K Nagendra : Performance Evaluation of mac Layer using Autonomic Network Architecture in Wireless Sensor Network.
  86. Niranjan A : Efficient Ensemble Techniques for User Protection against Online Attacks
  87. Sowmya D R : Remote Sensing Satellite Image Processing for Urban Flood Detection
  88. Manasa S M : Trust Aware System for Social Networks.
  89. Savitha Mathapatti: Efficient Techniques for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining from Social Media.
  90. Vinay K : Efficient Resource Provisioning and Scheduling Algorithms for Scientific Workflows on Clouds.
  91. Buddesab Tonnur : Cloud Security Solutions for Wireless sensor Networks.
  92. Muthi Reddy P : Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing.
  93. Bhavya M: Improving Efficiency and Performance of Cloud Data Storage.
  94. Jeevitha B K : Data Storage Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing.
  95. Vinutha N : Efficient Data Mining Techniques for handling Neuro Degenerative Disorder.
  96. Vandana Jha : Mining Opinion from Social Networking Sites using Efficient Data Mining Algorithms.
  97. Vasanthakumar G U : Data Mining Techniques for Recognition of Offline Kannada Language Handwritten Document.
  98. Vishwa Kiran S : Efficient Multimedia Data Transfer Techniques for Mobile Cloud Computing.
  99. Anitha Kanavalli : Energy Efficient Power Aware Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications of  Sensor Networks.
  100. Chandrakanth Naikodi : Efficient Middleware for Secure Services in Computer Communication Network.
  101. Veena H Bhat : Mining Semi structured Data using Efficient Data Mining Algorithms.
  102. Chethana Hegde : Multimedia Mining Algorithms using Soft Computing Methods.
  103. Kiran K : Designing Efficient Routing Algorithms for WiMax Networks.
  104. Bharathi Somashekar : Design of Efficient Algorithms for Spatial Data.
  105. Ramachandra A C : Authentication Algorithms for Quality Based Biometrics. 
  106. Prashanth C R : Performance Evaluation of Biometric Systems for Personal Identification. 
  107. Satish S B : Efficient Finger Print Recognition for Real Time Application.  
  108. D Annapurna : Efficient Information Routing Algorithm for Real-Time Communication in Wireless Networks. 
  109. H C Sateesh Kumar : Efficient Algorithms for Image Segmentation and its Applications. 
  110. T Shiva Prakash : Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  111. Poornima G : Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  112. Ganapathi V Sagar : Efficient Algorithms for Multi Biometric Credential Systems for Personal Legalization. 
  113. Sujatha B M : Compression Algorithms and Retrieval Techniques in Image Processing. 
  114. Chandrakala V : Efficient Algorithms for Biometric Security Systems using Palmprint. 
  115. N Sathisha : Development of Steganography and Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Communication. 
  116. Varalakshmi B D : Efficient Algorithms of Haptics in Virtual Environment. 
  117. Sunil Kumar G : Efficient Cognitive Algorithms for Information Security in Wireless Networks. 
  118. Pushpa C N : Representation and Analysis of Web by using Semantic Web mining. 
  119. Manjunath Swamy B E : Efficient Information Security Algorithms for Biometrics. 
  120. Tanuja R : Security and Privacy Enhancements in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  121. Leena Giri S : Knowledge Structure Generation in Semantic Web.
  122. Prabha R : Quality of Service Provisioning in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  123. Kumara Swamy S : Privacy Preserving Techniques in Data Management. 
  124. Abhilash C N : Performance Analysis of Coverage Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  125. Yamuna Devi C R : Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  126. Chandrasekar D K : Algorithms for Deriving Business Intelligence Rules using Data Mining Techniques for Cloud based Big Data Applications.
  127. Manasa P : QoS Aware Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks.
  128. Dhanalakshmi B K: Mining of Transactional Data for Predicting Resource Utilization and Access Control in Hybrid Cloud Environment.
  129. Manasa C : Wireless Sensors Networks
  130. Venkataravana Nayak : Image Processing
  131. Srinidhi N N : Optimization Techniques for Network Layer Protocol in Internet of Things.
  132. Leelavathi G : Design and Implementation of FGPA Based Public Key Cryptographic Architectures for Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks.


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